Our Team

SNAH subscribes to the philosophy that the strength of a company equals the total effort of its employees. As a
result, SNAH hired a total of 30 technical
engineers experiences in average of 15 years
experience in construction industry.

Headquarters – Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia

i. MD’s Office

  1. Contracts and Tendering
  2. Engineering Services
  3. Value Engineering
  4. Quality Assurance and Safety & Health
  5. Project Teams

ii. Business Development

iii. Research And Development

SNAH is planning to set-up a R&D department to specifically look into more cost-effective methods of construction vis-à-vis current practices and
provide technical information, especially for
turnkey projects and privatizations proposals, SNAH plans to carry out its research and development
activities jointly with some of the country's
institutions of higher learning, particularly those with a history of strong engineering excellence.

iv. Resource Development

SNAH believes that people are the most important asset. As such SNAH has set-out a long term
comprehensive training plan for its staff right across the board encompassing both technical as well as self-improvement courses. This would not only
assist in creating 'depth' in the management
structure but ensure an orderly succession system is set in place.